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A Garage Door Sensor In Denver Guards Your Largest Entryway

If you’re similar to most Denver homeowners, your garage door is among the most susceptible entrances at your house. You might accidentally leave it up when you’re behind schedule. Or it fails to go down all the way after you come inside at night. However, you’ll never leave the garage door open again when you install a Denver garage door sensor that’s connected with your home’s security.

With your Denver garage door sensor you are able to:

● Check the state of your garage door through the ADT Control app

● Control your garage door from anywhere in the world

● Get alerts to your phone if your garage door is in use

● Automatically shut and secure your door according to a predetermined schedule

● Incorporate with most brands of overhead doors

ADT Mobile Control App in Denver

Control Your Garage Door Through Your Mobile Device

If you’re rushing before leaving for work, you likely don’t want to sit around to confirm the garage door is closed before you drive off. By using a garage door sensor, you can determine the status when you are out running errands through the ADT Control mobile app. When you discover that you left it up, just close it with an easy tap of the app’s interface. If it’s a common habit, you can use the mobile app to pre-set your Denver garage door sensor to close automatically shortly after it was activated.

You Will Know In The Event Your Garage Door Lifts

Find out instantly whenever your garage door is raised by an alert to your mobile device. You'll be quick to discover when your children go in through the garage when they get home. You could also call and tell your spouse to get dinner started once they return to the house. In the event you don’t expect the garage door to open, you can immediately look into the circumstances by scanning live video from your surveillance system.

ADT Security System Keyfob in Denver

Make Your Denver Garage Door Sensor Part of Your Your Home Defense

Your garage door sensor should be an important component of your Denver smart house. Your garage door could be set to activate if a disaster like flooding or fire is discovered, creating an opening for your response team to enter with their gear and equipment. If your video surveillance cameras detect peculiar activity, your garage door sensor will trigger to make certain that the largest entryway in your property is closed and secure.

As an extra feature, you can have your garage door operate in accordance with vocal directives through Google Home or Amazon Echo. You can notify your virtual assistant that you're leaving, and have your garage door go down as your entryways automatically lock and the alarm system activates. Or use the command that you’re going to sleep and have your system make sure all your alarms and components are working and ready to protect you overnight.

Get Your Garage Door Sensor When Installing Your Denver Home Defense

A garage door sensor is a smart add-on to your ADT security system. When reaching out to Secure24 Alarm Systems, we’ll ensure you have the right package for your exact requirements. Just call us at (720) 465-2917 or submit the following form to start customizing your home’s security.