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View What's Going on Outside Using Your Outdoor Security Cameras In Denver

View who’s outside with well-placed outdoor security cameras in Denver. With crystal clear live stream, it’s easy to see what’s going on in your yard during the day. Then, find out what’s going bump in the night when your low-light camera perceives movement in your driveway.

Your outdoor security cameras provide you with a crisp, clear stream no matter what the weather conditions are. See a live stream through the powerful ADT Control mobile app and get motion sensor notifications straight to your app. And call your kids in for lunch with the two-way audio speaker. With high-quality security cameras packaged with your ADT-monitored home security system in Denver, it’s easy to have eyes on your house.

What’s Included With Your Denver Outdoor Security Camera?

Your Denver outdoor security cameras give you video surveillance on your exterior and driveway and include:

  • Waterproof casing: Your outdoor cameras record a clear feed in the sunniest days or stormiest of nights. There’s even a built-in heater so your camera can work in the winter.

  • Live 24/7 streaming: View what’s going on in your yard in HD video through the ADT Control mobile app.

  • 1080 HD video in low-light: Each of your home security cameras will both record and live stream in clear HD, even in low-light conditions.

  • Motion activated sensors: Your camera wakes up to movement and can send a video clip to your app.

  • Quick setup: Your outdoor security camera only needs a power source and a Wi-Fi signal. Now, you can install the cameras wherever you need video surveillance the most.

  • Two-way audio: Talk to people outside straight from your mobile device.

  • Infrared night vision: Infrared capability helps your cameras spot and record motion, even in the dark.

  • PIN-protected encryption: Your video feeds will be private with access only via your PIN.

  • Notifications delivered to your mobile device: If your outdoor security camera detects motion, you can have a video alert delivered directly to your smartphone, laptop, or other electronic devices.

outdoor security camera app Denver

Control Your Denver Outdoor Security Cameras With ADT Control

The ADT Control app lets you watch your video stream and manage your security cameras at any time. Create alerts that instantaneously deliver video clips when your security camera detects motion. Watch the current feed from each of your interior and exterior cameras in full HD. Communicate with your children or visitors through your phone when using the two-way intercom system. Or store 30-second video clips in the cloud to review later.

For easier access to your outdoor security cameras, sync them with Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa with our Home Automation Package.

Help Protect Your Home With Outdoor Security Cameras From Secure24 Alarm Systems

It’s best to have your outdoor security cameras installed right so they get a wide view of your home and property. That's why you should call Secure24 Alarm Systems at (720) 465-2917. We’ll go through what you’re looking for, and show you which security bundle is right for you. With next day or same day installs available in many areas of Denver, there’s no need to wait to call or send in the form for a complimentary quote.